A creative break...

Ok, I still took some photos but I think it's important to take some time out.

Being your best

The last couple of months have been pretty hectic. Transitioning from running your own business to full time employment takes time to adjust. The steady wage is a big positive and allows me to make some steps forward in terms of life and its assets. At the same time the creative buzz can dull slightly as you need to produce on a day in day out basis,  work, that may not always inspire you. I am also very bad at saying no and have still taken on a number of my own projects to fill my ‘spare’ time.

Through the busy period I got thinking a lot about two things; one, the massive balance between your best and what’s good enough, and secondly the crazy world of ‘content consumption’ that we live in.

I get a lot of enjoyment out of feeling I’ve achieved my best, that I have gone further, done more, been better than I was before. Having this trait in video is good I suppose, as I can’t help but give it my all. At the same time the loop can be dangerous as you are not always able to produce your ‘best’ for a number of reasons that may be out of your hands. Over the last month, especially, I have thought a lot about the balance that must exist to keep you sane and happy. Sometimes it must be good enough to finish the job, to have completed on time and to brief. It can’t always have the magic, or be what you might want it to be, it’s ok to just be.

Secondly, I noticed, as I got more tired I seemed to reach out more, always looking through the social media channels, Instagram and vimeo; It felt like a slight addiction. On reflection, more than anything, I was seeking the spark, the energy to spur me on. Yet at the same time always looking at others creates more insecurity, always comparing yourself is a clear fire way to get negative about what you do.

The article Becoming a better content consumer by Filmsupply rang true with me. It’s easy to get ‘numb’ to it all, through watching/ looking at too much and too much junk. I have taken to restricting my social media use and been more defined with what I watch and when I watch it. I have been targeted, rather than watching anything I have sought out past inspirations and favorites and made distraction free time to engage.

Finally I have actually sought time to enjoy my own work, to create without comparing to others. I have come up with my own ideas, thought of what I would want to see rather than what I have seen.

I finished this busy period with some time away in the outdoors, riding my bike, making fires and unwinding which has supplied the images in this blog. Through it all I suppose you have to trust that what you do is ok and that you will make the right choices.